Win AUTOGRAPHED Black Dynamite S1

Win Black Dynamite S1 on DVD (AUTOGRAPHED by @MichaelJaiWhite, @iamCarlJones, and Byron Minns

Thanks to the powers-that-be, we’re giving away another awesome DVD!

BlackDynamiteTAS_S1_BLU (1)


Click here to enter to win Black Dynamite: S1 on DVD… AUTOGRAPHED by the cast and crew of the series.

While you’re waiting to see if you’ve won… Check out some clips to whet your appetite:

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Black Dynamite Signing in L.A. Tonight

L.A. peeps: Pick up Black Dynamite S1 on DVD/Blu tonight and meet the cast/crew:

A couple of weeks removed from San Diego Comic-Con and just in time for the DVD/BluRay release of Black Dynamite: Season One (which you can buy today)! Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA will be having a special Meet and Greet with the cast and creators of the series. Check out the deets:


Michael Jai White, voice of ‘Black Dynamite’, Creator, Producer, Writer (“Arrow”), Carl Jones,Creator,…

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Adult Swim @ San Diego Comic Con 2014: The Full Slate O’ Stuff

Adult Swim @ San Diego Comic Con 2014: The Full Slate O’ Stuff

It’s coming.

The biggest convention of the year every year is a couple of weeks away, and Adult Swim is going to be there with Fun Houses and Meatwad domes and prize wheels and a whole load of stuff for you to do. Scrap the rest of your San Diego Comic Con International schedule: Swim’s takin’ over.


Swim’s got a booth each year at SDCC (unlike NYCC, unfortunately– we hope they’ll get…

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Robot Chicken Bitch Pudding Special Coming July 27

Robot Chicken Bitch Pudding Special Coming July 27

Blam bitches! Bitch Pudding is getting her own special on Robot Chicken. On July 6, Matthew Senreich wrote on his Twitter, right before the new episode of Robot Chicken aired, that on July 27th, the special will be happening. No further details were given about the special. If you are not aware of who Bitchpudding is, she is a character made up by Robot Chicken who is part of the Strawberry…

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Could there possibly be a Season 5 for the Boondocks?

Could there possibly be a Season 5 for the Boondocks?

Season 4 may have ended last month but could the ratings of this last season spark a Season 5? Those are the rumors going on. The source of these rumors seems to come from someone close to Adult Swim. Based on the first episode of Season 4 only, which has been one of the highest for the show, if these rumors are true can possible bring back the Boondocks in the future. Even if the series does…

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Schedules for Adult Swim and CN panels at Comic Con

Schedules for Adult Swim and CN panels at Comic Con

Warner Bros. TV has released their full list of show panels that will be featured at this years San Diego Comic Con. Among them are a couple shows from Adult Swim and one from Cartoon Network. Here are their schedules as follows:

Thursday July 24, The Childrens Hospital panel will take place from 6 – 7 pm in Room 25ABC. It will feature the creator and star Rob Corddry along with a few of the…

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Space Dandy S2 premiere review

Space Dandy S2 premiere review

Space Dandy is back baby! The premiere of it’s second season brought many laughs and, hopefully, more to come for the rest of the season. Unlike season 1, season 2 started at 12:30 but not without an one hour marathon of a couple from the previous season. Though the time might have changed, it doesn’t seem like Space Dandy and his crew have, which is a good thing. Space Dandy is a very…

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New China, IL Shower Curtain for Sale

Is @adultswim going for another @adultswimshop resurrection? #ChinaIL Shower Curtain for sale!:

Nothing has really been said or done about Adult Swim Shop. When last we were left, Swim set up and was selling an Aqua Teen Carl toilet seat cover set, which sold out instantly.

This week, updated for the first time in nearly a year with this…

Fans of China, IL can now enjoy taking showers, Babycakes style, with this new “China, IL” shower curtain. If it sounds…

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Loren Bouchard Talks About the Bob’s Burger’s Comic

Loren Bouchard Talks About the Bob’s Burger’s Comic

Westfield Comics just did a brief interview with Loren Bouchard regarding the Bob’s Burger’s comic series which hits stores August 27th and they’ve included some exclusive scans of the artwork as well as details about the comic content.

Each issue will feature story segments such as Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries, Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction, a Gene Belcher Musical, Letters Written by Linda, and…

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Archer Action Figure Exculsive Available At SDCC 2014

Archer Action Figure Exculsive Available At SDCC 2014

Factory Entertainment has announced an Archer action figure released exclusively for the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. The 6 inch figure, limited to 1,500 pieces, is of Archer in a white tuxedo. Both arms and legs have articulated joints and the figure will come with additional interchangeable hands holding weapons and accessories.

The figure will be available exclusively at Factory Entertainment’s…

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