Adult Swim News and Notes – Annecy, Space Ghost, Smiling Friends, ATHF + More

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Adult Swim News on WBD’s Upfront Presentation, Annecy Animation, Smiling Friends, Space Ghost Comic Book, Aqua Teen, and a boatload more!

Congrats! We’ve almost made it a month into the Spring season. As I eluded last month during the Smiling Friends April Fool’s Night… things are coming up as far as revealing this (and maybe next) year’s programming lineup. In addition, there are plenty of things going on in between. Here’s the skinny…

Programming Notes:

The Upfronts – As I’ve mentioned many times before (and will continue to), every year networks on TV and streaming head to NYC to entice advertisers with their upcoming next 12 months of programming. Previously, Adult Swim held a separate one themselves and included an after part with some random musical act and or guest (of which we tried to get into for over a decade but were sadly never invited). Since the merger with AT&T, and later Discovery, the Warner Bros Discovery family have been consolidated into one full-blown presentation, showcasing Adult Swim, TNT, TBS, Food Network, Discovery, HBO and the rest of the gang (including Max). This year’s takes place tomorrow morning at 10am East and as always, we’re left wondering what will be mentioned, if anything.

Last year, we had the privilege of alleviating the AS Twitter Fandom’s uncertainty of a report by site CordCutters where the Chairman/CEO of WBD US stated they were adding an extra hour of the network on the success of a previously added hour, potentially for American Dad reruns and/or Rick and Morty: The Anime, the latter of which has yet to air. Ultimately this announcement would evolve into, yet another additional hour added, and the creation of the Checkered Past block on weekdays starting at 5pm. Hopefully we will have a better idea tomorrow morning and will have an update. For what they COULD announce, check out these two links to info from last year’s New York Comic Con as well as the Annecy Animation Festival in France.

Annecy – Speaking of Annecy, our friend and resident internet genius on all things WBD Animation, RegularCapital posted recently that this year’s Annecy will feature another WBD Adult Animation Panel on June 14th at Noon CEST, featuring panelists Peter Girardi (Head of Production: WB Animation), Suzanna Makkos (EVP Original Comedy and Adult Animation: Max) and Michael Ouweleen (President: Cartoon Network/Adult Swim). Post-Upfronts, it remains to be seen as to what they plan on discussing, but as previously noted, there have been a number of programs announced previously that are currently in production.

New Smiling Friends

Moving on to current programming… in case you didn’t know: Smiling Friends Season Two is now on Sundays at midnight (next day on Max) for your watching pleasure. First two episodes aired last Sunday (including the April Fools episode). Do yourself a favor and watch them both and every episode thereafter. As with the first season you’re in for a ride. Gwimbly Mania has hit the interwebs.

P.S.: As previously mentioned, S2 of My Adventures with Superman will be out in a few short weeks!

Space Ghost: The Comic Book!

In an analog media surprise on May 1st, Dynamite Comics has released the first issue of the (IMHO) well-awaited Space Ghost, written by David Pepose (Moon Knight: City of the Dead, The Punisher) and illustrated by Jonathan Lau (Red Sonja, Vampirella Strikes). Dynamite, as well as Pepose himself have been giving us some great sneak peeks at the upcoming issues, and they look just as amazing (if not more amazing) as issue #1.

In addition, Former Marvel Comics head, Joe Quesada has lent his talents and illustrated a variant cover for the upcoming issue #2 (in comic shops on June 5th – put in your order today!) I purchased #1 for Free Comic Book Day (support your local comic shops AND your comic book writers/artists) and I have to say it’s a great trip down both the OG Space Ghost cartoon as well as Coast to Coast, with the characters us fans know so well. I’ve already added this to my pull list and can’t wait for more!

New ATHF Talent Have Arrived on Social Media

And speaking of talented people behind Space Ghost, Aqua Teen, and more… he has arrived! The legendary Matt Maiellaro of the aforementioned, plus your favorite AS classics like 12 oz. Mouse and Perfect Hair Forever is now on Twitter to give you all kinds of behind the scenes musings, show you exclusive merch, and a whole lot more. He also has a YouTube you should check out, featuring some pilots and other animated awesome for your eyes and ears.

Also worth noting: Animation/Art Director for ATHF, Brak Show and more, Matthew Jenkins has joined Twitter as well with his awesome character designs, art cels, and much more!

Also also! Our long-time friend and ATHF (among many other shows) animator Todd Redner has opened his very own website. Go check it out at!

That is everything I can type without passing out for the evening. Will be back for the Upfront News and whatever else comes up in the near future. Stay tuned!


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