WBD Confirms 6pm Start For Adult Swim in September

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For those who may not know, yearly Upfront Presentations are typically where press and advertisers are given a first look at new upcoming programming on networks. Previously, Adult Swim would have their own which included a fancy after party with some random popular talent… however, in recent years WarnerMedia (and now Warner Bros. Discovery) have morphed the presentation into their own, where Adult Swim shares the stage with the rest of the WBD lineup (I.e.: Discovery Channel, TNT, TBS, etc.)

This year’s Upfronts seemed lackluster… no programming whatsoever was announced, nor were there any outlets (I.e.: Deadline, IGN, etc.) giving mention of anything Adult Swim related. There was, however one outside source known as Cord Cutters News, a site that touts news on how to cut the cord with streaming, posted an article stating that a move to 6pm for Adult Swim was announced. The Twitterverse was rife with doubt as neither as reputable as a standard news site nor did any of them back up CCN’s claims.

Amdist the back and forth commotion, we decided to do some sleuthing (as we know people who work for WBD) and were able to get a snippet of what exactly was said and who it was said by:

“Adult Swim, our animated block is so popular that we’ve started airing it one hour earlier every night at 7. And in September, it will kick off at 6…”

– Kathleen Finch, Chairman and Chief Content Officer, US Networks Group, Warner Bros. Discovery

So there it is, while CCN’s article wasn’t fully sourced, we can confirm that Adult Swim moves to 6pm this Fall. Hopefully it won’t be a haven for back to back Fox syndicated programming, but then again they could surprise us. Stay tuned.

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