The Eric Andre Show – New Clip from Season 6 Premiere Features a Confused Lil Nas X

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Season 6 of the cult classic The Eric Andre Show will premiere on Sunday and the first guest on that episode will be none other than Grammy Award nominated rapper Lil Nas X.

X, infamous on social media for his trolling and for his provocative onstage performances, seems to have finally met his match in the form of Andre, whose set design unnerves X almost immediately. It only gets more bizarre from there, and the “Old Town Road” rapper can only laugh in disbelief.

Per a press release from Adult Swim:

“Invoking the tantric swag of sex god EROS, season six is guaranteed to be the most high-octane, stone cold, no holds barred, mind-blowing, emotionally mature late night show in the history of mankind. Eric is back behind the desk like never before; ripped, shredded, full of energy, complete with beads of sweat dripping down from his taut nips onto his glistening six pack abs. Watch pampered celebrities regret their choices, rappers get the runaround, and a slate of street pranks so egregious they collectively inspired a record 30 phone calls to 911. Co-hosts include Felipe Esparza, Reese W, Krft Punk, and the mysterious (but soon-to-be iconic) FRIDGE KEEPER.”

The Eric Andre Show season 6 premieres on June 4th.

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