Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is [adult swim central]?
    [adult swim central] is a fan-driven website where you can find all sorts of news, information, and other fan-related content about the [adult swim] network. We started in December 2002 as Aqua Teen Central, a fansite dedicated to the series “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” After meeting ATHF co-creator Dave Willis at San Diego Comic-Con 2006, and being sent home with a buttload of swag, we eventually decided to branch out onto other fansites, eventually deciding to make a site that encompasses everything the network does on TV, the internet, and beyond.
  • Are You Part of [adult swim] the TV Network?

    Simply put… no. We are fans of the network since its inception in 2000. We are not authorized or paid by Warner Bros. Discovery (Adult Swim’s parent company) or anyone else partnered with the network. We can’t accept pitches for shows, solicitations, etc.

  • I Would Like to Work for You

    Great... but, again... we're not affiliated with the Adult Swim network if that's the kind of "work" you're looking for. Us, on the other hand (Adult Swim Central) are always looking for writers, contributors, etc. However, since we're fan-based, don't expect anything in terms of monetary compensation (we poor). If you're still interested, please reach out on our contact page.

  • Why Did You Cancel *Insert Show Here*?

    Not us. Please refer to first two questions on this page.