Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special – BluRay REVIEW

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With over 100 episodes, conquering 1980′s toys, cartoons, nostalgia, and even the Star Wars Universe, what would be Team Robot Chicken’s next target? Hint: DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns writes and contributes for the show…

That’s right! Robot Chicken has teamed up with DC Comics to bring you “Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special!” This one-disc set on BluRay (and also DVD) is jam-packed with your favorite DC Comics superheroes and baddies like Superman, Lex Luthor, Batman, Bane, Green Lantern, Sinestro, and of course… Aquaman. You can also expect a star-studded voice cast as only Robot Chicken Co-Creator/Hollywood Darling Seth Green can deliver. Voices like Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother,) Megan Fox (Transformers,) Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly,) Alex Borstein (Family Guy,) Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2,) Breckin Meyer (Garfield,) Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure,) and many more!

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The main feature is the special itself, which is in typical Robot Chicken fashion: It’s the only stop-motion animated sketch comedy show out there of its kind (only this time, with some DC Comics fun thrown in.) The main focus on this one is Aquaman and his (lack of) super-abilities. From the starting gate, we get a quick sketch on how the rest of the Justice League treat old Aqua. It eventually leads to an all-out brawl between the JLA, the baddies (known as the Legion of Doom,) and some of your Robot Chicken favs like the Nerd, Humping Robot, and others. Mixed in-between are some short skits such as Superman figuring out that kissing people (like he did to Lois in the Superman 2 film,) makes them forget. Also included are some recurring segments such as “Real Characters of the DC Universe,” including some lesser-known DC chracters (that you probably haven’t heard of.) The whole show is wrapped up with a tight bow of a power ballad, as sung by Aerosmith front-man, Steven Tyler.

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Since this disc is on BluRay, it suffices to say that the HD quality looks and sounds phenomenal (at least as far as stop-motion animation with DC Superheroes goes.) In addition, like Swim’s last BluRay release, Metalocalypse Season 4, also included is an UltraViolet digital copy. So not only can you enjoy the RC:DC special on a super-hi-def 50 to 60 inch screen, you can also take it on the go with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop of choice. Personally, I’d go with an iThingy.


The Special Features on the disc are spectacular. I’ll break them down individually…

  • The Making of the RC:DC SpecialIf this show looks easy to make, you’re dead wrong. You get to see the unsung heroes of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios hard at work to make this special. From the number of models they used for each character, to the different ways they utilized getting shots of specific scenes. If you like watching Behind The Scenes featurettes, I highly recommend this.
  • RCDC’s Aquaman Origin StorySeth Green, Matthew Senreich, and the rest of the RC cast briefly discuss their take on Aquaman’s “origin.”
  • Chicken NuggetsWant more “nuggets” on how the show was created? It’s essentially like one of those DVDs you get with the popup info. The Robot Chicken will pop-up at certain points of the special, you hit the button, and you’re sent over to commentary by Seth, Matt, and Geoff Johns about specific scenes in the special.
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  • Writers’ CommentaryRunning commentary track with writers Geoff Johns, Tom Root, Zeb Wells, Mike Fasolo, Matt Beans, and Kevin Schinick.
  • Actors’ CommetarySame as Writers’ except with commentary by Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Tom Root, Abraham Benrubi, and Alfred Molina.
  • DC Entertainment TourSeth and Matt are guided by Geoff Johns through the inner-workings of DC’s headquarters in L.A. They also raid some serious swag.
  • Stoopid Alter EgosThe Stoopid Buddy crew make their own costumes based on characters from the RC:DC special for the broadcast premier party.
  • OuttakesBloopers from the voice actors.
  • Cut SketchesHear from the creators and writers for the special about sketches that were cut (either for time or because they were too silly,) and see early drafted storyboards. My favorite has to be the Harvey Birdman reference.
  • 5.2 QuestionsDC Comics, featuring Geoff Johns, Seth Green, and Matt Senreich field questions from fans about the RC:DC special.

So there you have it! If you love stop-motion animation, superheroes battling women, villains battling BO, and Aquaman battling everyone. Then you need to grab ahold of this special NOW!

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