Metalocalypse (Season Four) – BLURAY REVIEW

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The Half-American/Half-Norwegian Black Metal band is back for a fourth round of fan-killing, cult-following, blood-letting, fun and goodness! Metalocalypse S4 on BluRay comes jam packed with all of your favorite Season Four episodes as well as those not-so-hidden Easter Eggs you’ve come to enjoy.

For those of you who may have been living the past few years in the deepest darkest part of the ocean floor, let me bring you up to speed: Metalocaypse follows the story of 5 members of the greatest Black Metal band on Earth (and the world’s 7th largest economy,) Dethklok. Each member has his own goals, struggles, etc. But ultimately, they are part of something much bigger. Deep within the bowels of the Earth, a Tribunal (led by the mysterious Mr. Selatcia,) plot to eradicate Dethklok before they bring upon “The Metalocalypse.” As this season is no different from the chaos, death, and destruction that we’ve seen in the past 3… we see even more of the plot begin to unfold.

The show itself was made for BluRay. While you’re not going to get a full-on Super Duper THX Star Wars-Avengers experience, the picture, clarity, and sound look fantastic. I ran my copy off my PS3 and it looked phenomenal! As far as episodes go, all of season 4 comes on one disc. My personal favs would have to be Dethvanity, Dethcamp, and Fanklok. In addition (for the first time in Swim history!) you can view all the episodes via Ultraviolet (the streaming media app, not the crappy scifi movie starring Milla Jovovich.) Now you can take Dethklok on the go, via your favorite iThingy or computer of choice.

Of course, the big part of every Metalocalypse Season Set (BluRay or otherwise) would have to be the jam-packed Special Features, made with love by Metalocalypse director, Mr. Jon Schnepp. You have clips such as “CFO Raps,” where you watch Charles Offdensen trying to lay a beat, clips of Dr. Rockso, and of course… everyone’s favorite… Nathan Explosion reading (or at least attempting to read) excepts from Shakespeare novels. I dare you NOT to find something in the Special Features you won’t like.

And that’s all there really is to it. Black Metal, Death Cults, and Rock and Roll Clowns rejoice, the Metalocalypse continues… in Hi-Def! Go forth, and watch… then die. ;)


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