Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Season 1) – DVD REVIEW

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Throughout TV history, there have been many shows that touch and tug at your heart… unfortunately, this is not one of those shows, but is still a treasure. From the guys who brought you Adult Swim classics such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Too Many Cooks, comes Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (and yes, that was taken from the Iggy Pop song of the same name).

YPF tells the story of Gary, played by Henry Zebrowski (The Wolf of Wall Street), a low-level drone who finds himself working for the big red guy, Satan himself, played by Matt Servitto (Banshee, The Sopranos). In each episode, Gary hopelessly attempts to be number one at gathering souls for his “boss,” whether it be by possessing houses, his friends, or Mexican baseball players. His intern, Claude (Craig Rowin) however always seems to piggyback off of Gary in order to get into Satan’s good graces. The entire show plays out like a reverse Flying Nun of sorts (which, now that I type that out, I know sounds like some bizarre sex position).

The rest of the cast is rounded out by comedian Eddie Pepitone (The Bitter Buddha) as a tormented soul in Hell, and (of course wouldn’t be a full-on Williams Street project without him) Aqua Teen’s Dana Snyder as Gary’s former roommate.  Being that the show is created by Aqua Teen’s Dave Willis and Too Many Cooks’ Chris “Casper” Kelly, it’s chock full of all kinds of crazy, silly, and hysterical concepts. In my favorite episode (titled Schmickler83!), Gary loses his “summon word” (which turns out to be “summon word”) and is summoned by a couple of stoners to do all sorts of silly and meaningless tasks.


The DVD itself contains all six, 22-minute episodes uncut and uncensored from the first season, surprisingly with their own respective deleted scenes, as well as a MINIMUM of one audio commentary by cast/crew of the show. Very strange for a Warner/Swim title to even get special features these days, especially without a BluRay release (which the show obviously didn’t, it’s not exactly held up to the same standards as a Venture Bros. or Rick and Morty).


Speaking of Special Features, I am also amazed at how many fill this DVD set. First off, you get the original YPF short that aired on 4am Swim as well as on certain parts of the Aqua Teen Live tour back in 2010. The original short has next to nothing to do with the series, except that during the creator commentary, co-creator Dave Willis makes mention about how Swim Head Honcho, Mike Lazzo suggested they make the series around the demon character (also named Gary).

In addition, there are also some quick 2-5 minute Behind the Scenes featurettes, featuring the cast as well as some of the people who did set decoration and makeup/clothing. Learn how to make your own demonized PC tower. You also get some quick promos from the show, as well as the original cast Screen Tests from Henry Zebrowski, Matt Servitto, Craig Rowin, and Eddie Pepitone.


If you’re a fan of YPF (which as of Sunday has begun it’s brand-spanking-new second season). Aqua Teen, Too Many Cooks, or just plain Swim humor, this is definitely a must-have.  You can pick up Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell Season One DVD TODAY in stores or online. No soul selling required!

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  • 95%
    Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell - Season 1 DVD - 95%


Perfect for the Adult Swim fan in your household. Jam packed with special features.

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