How [adult swim] Could Solve the MultiVersus Problem

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This past Summer, Warner Bros Games, in conjunction with Player One Games developed MultiVersus, a Free-to-Play 4 player platform beat-em-up akin to Super Smash Bros (only with Warner Bros properties). It’s a fantastic concept that gamers flocked to, with all kinds of characters inside of WB’s IP universe battling one another. Now that the second season of the game is currently in beta, it seems that unfortunately MultiVersus has hit a bit of a snag…

The only [adult swim] representation in a universe where more [adult swim] IPs exist

Recently, SteamDB reported a 99% drop in the games playability. As with any FTP game, a constant variety of power-ups, skins, extras, and of course characters need to be continually updated as to not go stale. To that last point, the game does already boast a good variety of WB mainstays. Characters ranging from DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network, HBO, Hanna Barbera, various WB movies and… Rick & Morty. While we’re not going to go into details about the recent Rick & Morty situation, it has proven that there’s an entire world outside of just one show and also an argument to be made that [adult swim]’s demographic (a.k.a.: those of us students and slackers who sit at home and watch tv and go play videogames) and could provide MultiVersus a well-needed boost.

Think about it… wouldn’t you at home want to play as Master Shake, Pim/Charlie, Space Ghost, Ballmaster, Brock Samson, the Yolo Girls, Captain Murphy, Gary the Demon or the Killer from Too Many Cooks? Sure, it’s understandable trying to cater to all the Warner IPs, but at the same time… do we really need a (rumored) Pickle Rick variant? Another rumored or “confirmed through datamine” character includes Samurai Jack… which would be a nice addition, although not an [as] Original. There are also some “off the wall” characters rumored such as Apple TV’s Ted Lasso and Eleven from Netflix’s Stranger Things. Sure, who wouldn’t want to at least try out fighting as a soccer coach or a teenager with telekinesis, but I for one wouldn’t mind grinding the latest season of the game by knocking people off the board using SHAKE POWERS!

Who would you want to see/play as from the [as] universe in MultiVersus? Let us know in the comments!

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