Game Review: Peter Panic Mobile Game from Adult Swim

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Do you like games? Do you like musicals? Do you like games with musicals? I’m pretty sure you didn’t have an answer for that last question not unless you played the new Adult Swim Game Peter Panic. Musical skills aren’t required on your part as they already provide that. You just need your time, fast fingers, and wit….oh and an iPhone or iPad since that’s what you’ll need to play.

About the Game:

Peter Panic Game Introduction.

Our main character is Peter who returns to his hometown after getting degree in directing and wants to be apart of his local theater. The thing is the local theater has been closed down. So Peter sets out to earn the money and people to help reopen it and provide the musical culture he so thinks his town needs again. In order to gain the money, you must help Peter go through different tasks (5 games with 3 levels of difficulty) that must be passed before moving on to the next one. And since the game itself is also a musical before and after each task there is a musical number that sort of explain the purpose of the tasks. The mini games are easy at first with some tapping, sorting, & puzzles involved. After awhile the difficulty goes up and it moves a little quicker. If you manage to pass with at least a 15, you’re free to move on to the next point in the game.


Peter Panic Game Play

Peter Panic is definitely a fun game. I assumed I’d be annoyed by the singing but it was actually good. Almost like you were listening to a soundtrack. Based on the information provided on the iTunes screen, actual Broadway talent was used so it’s the real deal. It does make the playing experience more enjoyable. They do provide you the option to skip the songs but I only suggest doing so after if you’ve grown tired of it. Just, at least, give each song a chance.

The creator (James Marion) and composer for the game (Ben Bonnema) made an appearance together which I wasn’t expecting. Their appearance is where they explain that you can play as much as you want, it’s just that you’ll have to pay $2.99 if you to save your progress.

The tasks themselves were weird put I eventually got the hang of it (after failing many times). Now I’m in no way a gamer but I think I did as well as I possibly could. I got up until the third task (“Game Development”) but the one thing that held me back was a mini game where you had to help the bird flap in between obstacles. I was never good at those sort of games and no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get it. With that I couldn’t experience more of the game but based on the teaser provided, I can tell it gets more crazy. I’m still going to keep trying this out because I really had a good time playing this game and want to help Peter get musicals back in his town (and in my ears). The more you play and succeed the more songs you unlock you know.

If you want to play (and listen to) Peter Panic, it’s currently available for iPhone/iPad:

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