Adult Swim Passes on Full Pibby Series

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Adult Swim has decided to not move forward with a full based on the popular Learning with Pibby short. Pibby creator Dodge Greenly shared the unfortunate news in a post to his instagram on October 3rd stating…

“I have sad news to share. I’m sorry to say that Pibby has still not been greenlit, and it doesn’t look like it will happen in the near future. Making a show is a long, difficult process, and you can never say never, but for now, it looks like Pibby most likely wont become a show. I’m sorry to all the fans. Thank you for all your support.”

-Dodge Greenly

Adult Swim debuted the short entitled Come and Learn with Pibby! over Halloween 2021, the story revolved around Pibby, a childrens show character, who ends up having to battle a neffarious static monster that threatens to corrupt all shows, leading her and the friends she makes along the way to traverse the multiverse of Cartoon Network’s cartoon library in order to escape or meet their doom.

It quickly grew a cult following much as the original short for Smiling Friends had, that show had recently been picked up around the time Pibby aired and fans had hoped that Learning with Pibby would receive similar treatment.

Adult Swim also used Pibby for their April Fools prank in 2022, having scheduled programming become corrupted by the static monster.

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