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Hear Brendon Small’s Galaktikon’s First Single, “On My Way”

Brendon Small’s upcoming solo project, Galaktikon is something that Dethklok fans will most likely love. It’s Brendon, along with Dethklok pals Gene Holgan on drums, Bryan Beller on bass, and producer Ulrich Wild– just not under the title of “Dethklok”.

Galaktikon should be out next month, but today, website Crave Online posted up an exclusive stream of the first single from the album, On My Way. Check it out via Crave and Soundcloud:

Sounds pretty rad to me. Perhaps a little more melodic than Brendon’s Dethklok stuff– especially vocally, where we have less growl and more, uh… Brendon Small.

Check out Galaktikon when it’s officially out next month. And while you’re at it, check out new Metalocalypse April 29th (if the AS 2012 production schedule bump is still correct).

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