This morning, the first trailer for the new season of Rick and Morty dropped, giving our first taste of the new voice actors for the titular characters.

The trailer featured clips of old favorites returning like Mr. Poopybutthole, Squanchy, Gearhead and Birdperson along with Dr. Wong (voiced by actress Susan Sarandon), and promised tons of action in the upcoming season, but what fans were truly interested in was: how do the new voices for Rick and Morty sound?

While the exact identity of the actors is still confidential, and likely to remain so until the season premiere, the trailer offers up a sample of the performances which don’t sound too different from Justin Roiland’s original voices. As previously stated the production decided to go with imitation when recasting.

Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that two separate voice actors are portraying the multidimensional grandfather-grandson duo, with one providing the voice for Rick while the other is Morty.

Season 7 of Rick and Morty premiers Sunday October 15th at 11PM on Adult Swim.

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