Announcing – a New Message Board for the Adult Swim Fandom!

2 2002

Introducing, a discussion platform and social link aggregator for fans of Adult Swim and similar cartoons.

Once upon a time, Adult Swim had message boards on their website, but those were shut down in 2016. Reddit can sometimes be an alright place for Adult Swim discussion, but due to their recent policy changes and other factors, many people are looking for an alternative.

Introducing, a discussion platform and social link aggregator for fans of Adult Swim and similar cartoons. Share links to news stories, podcasts, interviews, and videos with other fans. Post your art, fan works, and cosplay. Speculate about future plot points of ongoing shows and develop fan theories. Discuss new episodes or classic favorites. Customize your newsfeed by subscribing to the topics that interest you, upvote the content you want to see more of, and interact with other fans who love the same shows you do.

The homepage of is powered by the open-source software Lemmy, and is part of the ActivityPub fediverse. What does that mean? Instead of one corporation operating a social media site that’s focused on profit, the fediverse is an interconnected system of independent servers run by enthusiasts and volunteers. There are many Lemmy sites available, but if you have an account on one, you’ll be able to see content from and post comments on any other connected sever. Lemmy also has some compatibility with other social media software using the ActivityPub protocol, such as Mastodon (an open-source Twitter alternative).

The Metalocalypse community at is built by fans, for fans. Our mission is to connect the fandom together and celebrate the shows we love. Unlike commercial social media corporations, we don’t sell user data to third parties, don’t show advertisements, and don’t lock features behind a subscription or paywall. We want to build something together that we all can enjoy. What becomes in the future is up to the community. If there are features or topics you want to see added, let us know!

The list of communities available on so far. More to come! Let us know what shows or topics you want us to add by commenting here.

Some other popular Lemmy instances are,, and With an account on, you can subscribe to “communities” (equivalent to subreddits or subforums) on those servers. Or you can subscribe to communities through an account on those sites, or on any other Lemmy instance we federate with.

Set your feed to “Local” to see posts in the communities, or switch to “All” to see posts from other Lemmy instances on a wide range of topics. When you find a community you like, be sure to subscribe to it, and then you can follow all of your subscribed communities by setting your page to the “Subscribed” mode.

This is an exciting project and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves. The Lemmy software is still in beta and may have some bugs to iron out, and some aspects of the interface aren’t quite as intuitive as traditional social media sites; so if you have any problems or questions, please reach out. You can leave a comment in our site discussion community, or if you are having trouble signing up you can email See you on the message boards!

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