Hey, we’re back again. We need to stop meeting like this… or, maybe not? It’s Friday, that means it’s time for Fan Art!!!


Well, not so much the rules as the content. Since people asked us this we, we’re happy to include all forms of “ART.” Does not have to be digital still art, it can be bumps, videos, music, etc. Art is art, right? Although, if we get plenty of the aforementioned, we may have to consider changing the name from Art to something else. We’ll see.

The rules otherwise are the same…

  • You’re allowed to submit/contribute as much art as you want, however we’ll only be adding the first 5 to the weekly pool. The rest will be put into a backup folder if and when we get low on content.
  • From the pool, we will be selecting (using a random number generator) no more than 2 of the same artist per week.
  • Rules will be reevaluated week to week, depending on how much content we have/receive – We want to make sure we can keep this going FOREVER. 😀

If you want to submit/contribute to Fan Art Fridays, you can reach out to us here, on our Social Nets, or join our Discord.

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