Introducing Fan Art Fridays – Celebrating AS Fan Artists

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In my “mission statement” of sorts yesterday, I eluded to wanting this to be more than just news. Full transparency, we’re not back to take the wind out of any sails or “scoop news.” In fact, at least one person who worked at Adult Swim once mentioned they appreciated that we didn’t, and I’m fine with that… although if we do, great.

But this site is about you the fans. Aqua Teen Central started as infotainment for both fan and creator content, which got lost as we made the transition to the original Adult Swim Central news website. So, why not showcase the passionate and talented fans like you that are out there?

A few weeks prior to yesterday’s launch, I put out a call for Fan Art. Some people were curious (I jokingly said we were going to feed everything to ChatGPT to make an “Adult Swim Fan Art Monster”… but that would be mean.) To that point, welcome to the first edition of Fan Art Fridays!

Here’s how it works (at least for the time being)… we’re going to showcase 12 pieces of art every Friday – to make it fair, I ran a number generator and picked a max of 2 pieces per person chosen. If you don’t see yours, don’t fret… we’ll do this again next Friday and the following, etc, etc. Think of it as Fan Art Lottery.

If you’re reading this and you want to contribute, please hit us up on any of our Social Networks, or use the handy “Contact Us” page that I set up and I’ll get back to you. Here we go!…

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