More 6pm News – CN Classics Weekdays, New Reruns Saturdays

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For the past few weeks, since we confirmed the September move to 6pm, we (as well as fans) have been speculating on what Warner Bros. Discovery has planned going forward. Would they continue to block up Fox syndicated programming as per their usual? We had high hopes, and it seems as though those hopes have been justified…

According to Deadline, starting on August 28th, the weekday 6pm – 7pm block will be known as “Checkered Past” and will be dedicated to “a showcase for Cartoon Network throwback titles like Dexter’s Laboratory, The Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyCourage the Cowardly Dog, and Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy, replacing a rotation of Cartoon shows like Teen Titans Go!” while that same 1 hour on Saturdays will see reruns of both Unicorn: Warriors Eternal and the upcoming My Adventures With Superman (which premieres on July 6th). The Sunday night block will remain as “Acme Night” which shows family-friendly movies, leading into Adult Swim proper.

This is definitely a surprise and a present to many of us who grew up with pre-Adult Swim, as many of the “Checkered Past” lineup consist of the old “Cartoon Cartoons” that paved the way for a lot of what is current/past Adult Swim. Not to mention, will give an entirely new audience a look at what they haven’t been able to watch (except maybe on Boomerang from time to time).

Adult Swim President, Michael Ouweleen states that “Animation can both speak to multiple age groups in the moment, and also find new audiences across decades,” and we can definitely agree with him… even moreso the fact that he’s one of the two (along with Erik Richter) who co-created Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, yet another classic show.

Definitely looking forward to late August to see what happens.

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