NYCC 2022 – Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm Interview

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What IS the Plan(tasm)? John gets to the bottom of the mystery, scouring the red carpet of New York Comic Con 2022, chatting with the cast and crew of the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever: Plantasm. Will the mystery be solved? Or will this be a 14+ minute romp through random pop-culture trivia, useless facts, and pop-ups? YOU DECIDE!

Interviews with:

  • Dave Willis (ATHF Co-Creator, voice of Carl, Meatwad, and Ignignokt)
  • Matt Maiellaro (ATHF Co-creator, voice of Err)
  • Carey Means (Voice of Frylock)
  • Dana Snyder (Voice of Master Shake)

ATHF Forever Plantasm on 4K Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital on November 8th. PRE ORDER TODAY!!!!

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