Check Out the Adult Swim MV ‘Squad Out’ by Skrillix and Jauz

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Last year for 19 straight weeks, Adult Swim released a different track of free music off of their yearly Adult Swim Singles program. One of the tracks featured included a collaboration between Skrillex and JAUZ with Fatman Scoop titled Squad Out. Now the single has just been released with a music video to accompany it. If you’ve ever watched even one night of the Adult Swim block, just imagine the video as if it’s one of their visually stimulating animated bumps but just extended. In it, an animated Skrillex and JAUZ are taking the most insane elevator ride that seems to be in control by Fatman Scoop.

When talking about the concept for the music video, the director, Adam Fuchs aka lilfuchs, an animator for Adult Swim, said:

“There was this really great moment that happened before starting the video… I woke up from a deep sleep on my couch to a late night talk show on my TV. They were airing a bit that had a fake Skrillex battle-rapping with Mozart and I was so exhausted, I didn’t quite know what I was watching. It was one of the weirdest and most confusing things I’ve seen in a long time. I knew at that moment, I had to make something that could be viewed in the same way I saw that skit. I hope I accomplished that.”

As with other music videos that get promoted by Adult Swim, Squad Out will have a television debut. It will be shown during the March 12th airing of the Saturday night action block Toonami. Of course, you could just watch the video here but it doesn’t hurt to give it some TV views as well. Remember you can still download the single, for free, from the Adult Swim Singles 2015 program (link provided above). And also check out the other singles included in the set. Other well known artists such as SiaRun the JewelsFlying Lotus, and George Clinton lent their talents into the mix. I’m sure you’ll find some favorites among them like I have.

What are you’re thoughts on the Squad Out single and video? Let us know in the comments section below.


Director: lilfuchs
Character Design: lilfuchs & Sam Leyja
Storyboard, Background Design: lilfuchs
Editors: lilfuchs & Sara Hardy (Adult Swim)

Executive Producer for Adult Swim: Jason DeMarco
Producer for Adult Swim: Chris Hartley

Animation Studio: Awesome Inc
Executive Producer: Ashley Kohler
Producer: Brandon Betts
Lead Animator: Sam Leyja
Animation: Alex BarrellaLaura CeredonaJeff DiMaggioTiffany Rishel DrokeSketch MacQuinorMark McDonaldRobin Stanberry
Composite: Nathan ChurneyJamie GalatasJoshua Mullinax
3D Pre-Visualization: J Griffin
Conform Editor: Thomas Fine

Artist: Skrillex & JAUZ
Track: SQUAD OUT! (feat. Fatman Scoop)
Label: Atlantic Records

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