Astrobase, Go! Presents Venture Bros. Special Merchandise

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On the heels of the AMAZING Venture Bros. 1 hour special last night, AstroBase, Go! by way of has released some exclusive merchandise related to the episode:


First off, we have the AstroBase, Go! knit cap (modeled here by co-creator, Doc Hammer). Now, you too can become an Honorary AstroBase Cadet by wearing this in support of the company that gave us the Venture Bros.

$18 at


Another cool Venture knit cap (this time modeled by co-creator Jackson Publick). Emblazoned, is the upscale Venture Industries logo, utilized by terratoma turned genius philanthropist, Jonas Venture Jr. Show your Venture love!

$18 at


Lastly, the piece de resistance (also modeled by Jackson), a Venture Industries-Gargantua 2 Hoodie. It’s made by American Apparel (so, already you know it’s worth the quality). Includes the aforementioned Venture Industries logo, as well as the logo for Gargantua 2. If you’re a true Venture Bros. fan, this certainly seems a must have!

$48 at

Again, all 3 items are now available on As with Shirt Club, these items are all up for a limited time (Feb 3rd at 1am Eastern to be precise). So, order today!

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