We’ve made it to Friday. Unfortunately there’s no more I can give from the Adult Swim side…

But that shouldn’t imply the fun is over! In addition to Adult Swim programming, I had the chance to speak with pretty much the ENTIRE cast (including the one and only, Christian Slater) of FX’s hit animated show, Archer

If you have 20 minutes of your time to spend watching me chat with the cast, it starts off slow and awkward (as per my usual), but gets better as time progresses. I should also caution, there’s an f-bomb or two.

I had a blast at NYCC as always, but the highlight of my weekend had to be after this interview, when Jessica Walter (voice of Malory Archer, also Lucile Bluth from Arrested Development) made a comment about my being the only person there to wear a tie and look sharp. I was sincerely humbled.

At any rate, I hope you all enjoied the NYCC coverage. If you haven’t seen the rest, I highly recommend checking out all of the videos on our YouTube channel.

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