Catch Dana Snyder in Missouri All This Week

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Aqua Teen Fans (specifically those with access to the Midwest… even more specifically Missouri)… Master Shake himself, our dear friend Mr. Dana Snyder will be at the Lyceum Theater in Arrow Rock, Missouri all this week until August 27th, performing as Max Prince in Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor.

You’re probably thinking to yourself… why Missouri? Fun fact, Dana graduated from Webster University in St. Louis in 1996 with a BFA from Webster’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts (Thanks, Wikipedia!) and has returned a number of times, to the Show Me State to perform in a variety of shows. Most notably in 2010 where he portrayed Max Bialystock in the Producers.

Also worth noting, long-time friend of Dana’s, Brooks Braselman (who of Adult Swim note voiced Travis of the Cosmos in ATHF as well as the very legless and drifter-like (but totally legit) “Patrick Swayze” on Squidbillies) is also in the cast as Ira.

So if you’re in the Arrow Rock area this week, why not get tickets and go see Dana and Brooks show off their theater chops and provide some laughter. Check out the full synopsis, ticket info, cast, and more at Laughter on the 23rd Floor (

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