It’s Friday… again. But that’s great! Especially since Friday’s are now dedicated to you, the talented artistic fans of [adult swim]. It’s Fan Art Friday!


We’ll try and keep it short and sweet this week. 

  • Submit your art – Can be anything from digital to analog, animation, video, music, etc. Art is art. 
  • Can submit infinite arts, however first 5 will be placed in pool with extras in backup. 
  • To be fair to all, using a random number generator to select pieces – no more than 2 per person.
  • Rules will be reevaluated week to week, depending on how much content we have/receive – We want to make sure we can keep this going FOREVER. 😀
  • Because the pool is getting low this week, we went back to 12 pieces from 15…

If you want to submit/contribute to Fan Art Fridays, you can reach out to us here, ALL of our Social Nets (including Threads now), or join our Discord.

*click to enlarge images*

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