Corndog Central’s Zoo Day (12 oz. Mouse) Marathon THIS FRIDAY!

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It’s finally here! Happy 2:22, everyone. For those not familiar, 2:22 (or 2/22) is the day fans of [adult swim]’s 12 oz. Mouse celebrate “Zoo Day.” What is Zoo Day? It’s a full marathon of the entire run of the show. Corndog Central (not to be confused with Corndog Central) just announced they’re planning a full marathon of the show on Twitch, this Friday starting at 8pm East/5 Pacific.

But John, I thought 2/22 was the date, why 2/24? So glad you picked up on that… I haven’t asked but I’m pretty sure, with the most recent season 3 airing in 2020, the show now clocks in at around 6 and a quarter hours. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot for someone with either a job or work or just a plain adult to binge halfway through the week. So why not start it on Friday evening? Great way to end the monotonous week!

The advert promises “One Shitty Prize” (we’ll be the judge) as well as a “twist” on the marathon. Definitely eager to find out about both. Check out for more info… maybe even check out our old site while you’re there… live the memories.


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