Adult Swim Won April Fool’s Day with Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere

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I’ve been watching Adult Swim since 2004. Every year they come up with something to do on April Fool’s Day to sort of mess with their viewers. Some years have been hilarious. Some years, uh, not so much *coughTheRoomcough*. There was even the monumental year of 2012 when they brought back Toonami for a night which led to them bringing it back entirely even now. For Aprils Fools 2017, Adult Swim did something that was not only hilarious but also a blessing. They actually showed us the Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere. If you’re a fan of the show, you (and I) have been waiting for it’s return for a while now. And to have, at least, the premiere episode at a time we were not excepting was such a good move, genius even.

From 8pm to midnight they showed the same episode titled “The Rickshank Redemption” the entire time. That gave everyone 8 chances to watch it on TV as well as on their streaming site. Of course during the first airing, people realized what was happening. It got quite the internet buzz pretty fast. It was even a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter the whole night. At first, like many others, I was expecting to watch Dragon Ball Super and a new Samurai Jack episode at 11. Although I’m sad I didn’t get my new episodes, the Rick and Morty premiere made up for it. If you didn’t get to watch the premiere on April Fools, you still have a chance to watch it along with all the other Rick and Morty episodes here.

Along with the premiere episode, viewers were informed of not only when the actual 3rd Season of Rick and Morty will be coming back (which will be this summer) but others shows coming up this year as well:

Attack on Titan season 2 coming to Toonami April 29 (As of 4/3/17 air date will be April 22)

Mike Tyson Mysteries returns May 14

Squidbillies returns in the summer

Mr Pickles returns in the fall

Robot Chicken returns in the fall

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