Toonami Recap: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure “Dio the Invader”

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This weekend saw the premiere episode of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on Toonami. This is a show I’ve known about for a while now, thanks to a popular meme (see pic below). After, finally, getting my first taste, I’m ready for what’s to come for the rest of the series. At least, I think I am. Based on my live tweet with others who have seen the show, there is more to expect, much more. What was seen in this episode is nothing in comparison to future episodes apparently. That is saying a lot right there. Either way, I do still want more. Episode 1, appropriately named “Dio the Invader”, introduces us to our main characters. Fate has brought these two together and one can only imagine what that could be (if you haven’t seen the rest of the series of course).

Recap: After the death of his father, Dio Brando sets out to gain a better life for himself through any means necessary. He uses the debt owed to his father by George Joestar to achieve this. Once within the Joestar family, he sets on ruining the life of the young heir, Jonathan aka Jojo. With much ease, Jojo’s friends, and even his father, seem to have turned on him and side with Dio. However, Jojo still finds happiness in his dog, Danny, and a love interest, Erina. This brought out just how far Dio is willing to go to see Jojo miserable. Having stealing Erina’s first kiss, Jojo really let Dio have it finally and rightfully so. Surprised by the sudden strength Jojo demonstrated, Dio sets things to the next level. Jojo’s dog, Danny, meets a cruel, fiery end. Learning his temper makes his vulnerable, Dio knows he has to correct himself. Seven years passes. We wait until the next episode to see what has become of these two. I almost forgot to mention the appearance of a mysterious mask that is present and even comes to life? No one mentions or brought it up during the episode so I don’t know what to make of it as of yet. Looks like it will definitely will make it’s presence known in the next episode.

Thoughts: Well, first thing first, no doubt Dio is a jerk! His father was too so I can see why he was the way he was. Unfortunately, from what I heard this is the least, yes LEAST, his actions are. And he already said he was going to achieve his goals through any means necessary. All possibilities are on the table now. Aw man, what am I getting myself into? And Jojo, I think he needed a Dio character. He was too pampered and his fighting skills weak. He had to be stripped away of those things before getting stronger and land a hit back. However it showed the potential being there. I want to see what this after seven years later Jojo looks like. I feel bad for Erina. That kissed traumatized her a lot where she looked dazed just walking about. That scene where she just the muddy water to wash her lips afterwards speaks volumes. It was clearly mentioned that clean water was near by but she chose the dirty one. That had to hurt way more than any punch Jojo got on Dio later on and he showed that. Overall, I liked the episode. The episode was nicely paced and we have our tone set for the rest of the series. One of the best parts of this episode was hearing “Roundabout” by YES. Damn, that’s a catchy song especially after the episode.

Catch new episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures every Saturday at 12:30am (EST) on Toonami.

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