Samurai Jack, Tartakovsky Returns in 2016 on Toonami

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This feels like it will be one of those ‘Where were you when such and such happened” moments. I’m referring to the unexpected return of one of Cartoon Networks beloved shows Samurai Jack. It was announced today through the various social medias of Adult Swim by a 5 second teaser that Samurai Jack will return in 2016.

Adult Swim had already ran the Samurai Jack series that originally aired on Cartoon Network from Feb. 1, 2014 – Jan. 24, 2015. This probably left a few people, self included, confused on what to be expected from the show next year, possibly hoping it meant new episodes. Well, new episodes are exactly what to expect and to top it all off, the creator, Genny Tartakovsky, himself will be returning to literally finish what he started.

About the series: Samurai Jack (voiced by Phil LaMarr), tells the story of a young prince from medieval Japan whose father’s empire is destroyed by the demon Aku (voiced by the late Mako Iwamatsu). Jack escapes the destruction, traveling the world in search of justice and the chance to battle the evil Aku and his robot minions in the world of the future. (via Hulu)


— [adult swim] (@adultswim) December 2, 2015

It was only a week ago when VP/Creative Director, Adult Swim On-Air (and of course Toonami) Jason DeMarco mentioned on his twitter about the upcoming year for Toonami and responding to some Twitter followers that we wouldn’t be able to even guess what was ahead. He certainly knew what he was talking about as this news caught everyone by surprise.

The news had fans flocking to his account asking all types of questions from if it will be replacing currently airing show Michiko and Hatchin to how did this whole thing even happen. He answers as many as he can with as much information as he can provide.

Told you guys NO ONE would guess! And there’s going to be more news to come, later down the line. Hee hee

— LICH KING DEMARCO (@Clarknova1) December 2, 2015

If you have never seen Samurai Jack (which I highly recommend you do) or just want to relive it again while waiting for the new episodes, the whole series is available on hulu for you viewing pleasure.

What are your thoughts on the return of Samurai Jack on Toonami? Let us know in the comments below.

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