Adult Swim’s presence at New York Comic Con was smaller than usual this year. Usually, we can expect a bunch of panels for upcoming and currently airing Swim shows across maybe two days. This year, we only got the panel block on Friday and not much else! It was too bad, since I do enjoy having multiple Swim things to do throughout the weekend, but what we got was still pretty fun.

The Venture Bros panel kicked off Friday’s Swim panel block with your standard Venture panel– not a ton of news, but a ton of fun. This show and these guys usually put on my favorite panel each year (you only need to look back at the 2012 panel, the “Let’s All Smoking” panel, to see why. That one was wonderful). There was a teaser trailer beforehand that gave everyone a taste of what’s to come in the new season– which will hopefully be online sometime soon– that showed more of the New York City that season 6 will take place in.

Season 6 is coming in February, by the way, which is soon! Even sooner than we expected, too, as it got bumped up to the end of January. It’ll have 8 episodes in total.

The panel itself wasn’t super news-intensive, but Doc did mention that the Triad won’t be making an appearance anytime soon, which is unfortunate news for everyone who loves that group (which should be everyone, really). The season’s going to be chock full of stuff, so much so that a lot had to be cut for time. So that just tells you how crazy it’ll be. There was talk of the art book that was supposed to happen a while back, and it’s still on its way, hopefully by SDCC or Springtime. The book was supposed to be just up to season 5, but they finished season 6 in the time before the book so everyone figured they may as well just include that too. The guys also got some free Fresca from a fan.

Doc also had a new haircut, and it looked great. Just so everyone knows: Doc Hammer’s hair has changed, but for the better. You can actually even check it out over here in our very own John J’s interview with Doc and Jackson!

Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter came next in the panel block. This is a new 5-part miniseries coming to Adult Swim on December 7th at Midnight, and then for the following few nights. This is Swim’s second miniseries ever, the first being The Heart, She Holler— coincidentally, both shows have PFFR folks behind them.

NJWH stars a bunch of familiar faces for those who loved another PFFR production, Delocated!, including the star of that show, Jon Glaser. Jon plays Neon Joe, a man covered in neon and shrouded in mystery who specializes in killing werewolves. He arrives in Garrity, VT (aka, according to all the show information Adult Swim has given out, “B&B Town, USA”) where Steve Cirbus (Sergei on Delocated!) plays Sheriff Dalton who works with Joe to get rid of the werewolf problem, Steve Little plays the town janitor who idolizes Joe and tries to help as much as he could, Scott Adsit plays a tavern owner, and Stephanie March plays Mayor Carol Blanton, Garrity’s lesbian mayor.

We got to see some footage from the show, including a clip where Joe inspects werewolf pubes, which have teeth. There’s also a trailer, which you can check out here:

Those who attended the NJWH panel also got one of the NJWH comic books, which was an origin story before the show that was done by DC and is awesome. If it ever shows up online or is ever purchasable anywhere, I urge everyone to check it out. It adds a little something to the show and it looks great. Also, it’s written by Jon Glaser!

Robot Chicken was also there to round out the Adult Swim panel block. Besides talking of a new season, there was a lot of hype around their third DC Comics special coming up. The special has one heck of a guest lineup including Alfred MolinaNathan FillionWeird Al YankovicAlex BorsteinGiovanni RibisiJonathan BanksMae WhitmanHugh DavidsonDee Bradley BakerZeb WellsKevin ShinickAdam WestBurt Ward, and, of course, the usual cast of Seth GreenBreckin Meyer, and Matt Senreich. Check out the trailer for the upcoming special:

Adult Swim didn’t have a ton of time at NYCC this year, but they did have plenty of stuff to show off, and it all looks pretty exciting. New Venture Bros will never not be exciting, and Neon Joe looks hilarious. I’m even kind of into the Robot Chicken special! The horizon is bright on Swim.

Check out new Venture in January, Neon Joe on December 7th, and Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Friendship is Magic October 18th at midnight (and the new season starts October 25th, too!).

Keep an eye on Agents of Geek as we bring you other NYCC-related goodies as time goes on. We might have some more for you. And set your calendars for NYCC 2016, on October 6th-9th at the good ol’ Javits Center. Best weekend of the year.

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