Official The Venture Bros. Bed Sheets! Plus, Date Announced for Special

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For a fan of the hilarious, amazing action show The Venture Bros, the wait for newness is long and hard and painful. The last time we got any new Venture? July 2013!

We have to wait a bit longer for season 6, but there’s some stuff coming up that will give us a long-awaited taste of new content, plus a little something to keep ourselves comfortable in for the long wait.

Adult Swim has been running the shop for a couple months now. It has recently been used to sell special, limited-edition, $1 Squidbillies hats each week after the show airs with the hat on Early’s head from that episode. Now, it’s got something even cooler: Swim is presenting a set of Venture Bros bed sheets! The set includes sheets and pillow cases adorned with Venture artwork– the cases have the good ol’ Venture Industries “V” logo, and the sheets are covered with artwork from the show. Check the video out:

If you want the comfort only your favorite show can provide, the sheets are $50 (shipping and handling included!) over on

Put ’em on your bed and get ready to just sit there for a while. Season 6 should show up come 2015, hopefully. But, fear not– there’s gonna be some new Venture Bros to tide you over in January. On Monday, January 19th, at Midnight, Swim, Doc, and Jackson all present an hour-long special. It’ll be the first new stuff since 2013 and since the boys learned about what they really are. So, it’ll be fun.

Excited? Me too. Buy some bed sheets. And watch the season 6 trailer over and over and over until they show up in the mail:

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