[adult swim] central @ New York Comic Con 2014: Day Two

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Saturday and Sunday panels have a lot to top after the Adult Swim panel block and the Archer panel tore the damn house down on Friday.

Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s new sitcom was showed off. Rick & Morty had a panel that included some real not safe for work type jokes and Dan Harmon doing a spot-on Justin Roiland impression. Archer blew us away with a screening and some amazing chemistry from the cast. Robot Chicken was there too.

The Adult Swim block began with a panel for the upcoming Jack McBrayer and Triumph Show, which seemed to be the title. The traditional three-camera sitcom premieres January 29th and stars Jack as a former child star who was once on a show with a young puppy Triumph. After the show was canceled, the two split up and there was a bit of a downward spiral for the both of them, but now Jack lives with his mother and is a reformed, happy-go-lucky guy (kind of like the real-life McBrayer, who, from our seats, was small and obscured– we were sort of far back– but you could see that grin he wears constantly from miles and miles away). One day, Triumph tracks him down and begins corrupting adult Jack, who is happy enjoying his time at home doing his own thing, while Triumph is dead set on getting into showbiz however he can.

Alan Colmes of Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes moderated the panel which starred McBrayer, Robert Smigel (who began the panel on his knees behind the panel table with the Triumph puppet, bashing-slash-good-naturedly-ribbing Fox News and Colmes, calling him “a very nice lizard person” at one point), and Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, New York’s unofficial wizard, who some might know from a classic Triumph segment from Conan O’Brien’s NBC show.

The show comes after a Conan bit from his current TBS show that starred the duo going to a Chicago hot dog stand and winding up in a war of words with the staff:

The panel discussed the show and its format a little: although it is a classic three-camera sitcom with a laugh track, they plan on including some man on the street bits, sort of like the ones that made Triumph famous, when they fit the context of the episode. We saw some quick clips, and one such instance was included where Triumph is hanging out with a paparazzi setting up to take a photo of disgraced ex-NBA owner Donald Sterling’s wife. We also saw some clips of guest stars that included ex-N*Sync member Joey Fatone, film critic Leonard Maltin, and Tay Zonday, the man who made the old internet favorite “Chocolate Rain” song and video. Al Sharpton also made an appearance in a segment where Triumph was on MSNBC, but I personally was unsure if he filmed for the show or if it was old footage reused for the bit.

If you live in New York City, by the way, keep an eye out if you want to attend a free (!) taping, because the show is taped in front of a live audience in the city right across from Madison Square Garden. They’ve done some tapings already, and when they did the tickets showed up on TheBlacklistUS.com, so perhaps watch there.

Next up, we got to the Rick & Morty panel, which was hilarious. Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland sat on the panel with cast members Sarah Chalke and Chris Parnell and talked season 2 and much more.

Roiland and Harmon said that Rick & Morty merchandise is coming soon, hopefully and likely in 2015. Shirts might come first, but there’s stuff on the way– they couldn’t say exactly what, but they said it’s on its way. One thing they were able to discuss, though, was an upcoming comic book series from Oni Press coming up soon. A monthly Rick & Morty book is coming for you, and Roiland and Harmon had a lot of praise for the writers making it. They said that they’ve been looking at the storylines they’ve been coming up with while making season 2 of the show, and getting frustrated that they didn’t just do what the comic guys did. The stuff is that good.

We got some peeks and information about season 2. One clip we got to see, which was in animatic form, had the entire family sitting at the table for a meal, when Morty brings up that someone was found dead with two holes in their neck and their blood drained. Rick talks about how vampires are actually real, and that what happened is no surprise, and tells Summer that she can f-off when she asks him to help catch the offender. We also learned that the season will see an episode where Jerry and Beth go off-planet for couples counseling at Rick’s suggestion.

Two more things to look forward to in the season: more catchphrases for Rick (our second clip was a supercut of every one of these throughout the new season), and more Ball Fondlers.


The Robot Chicken panel concluded the Adult Swim block and had Seth GreenMatthew SenreichClare GrantBreckin Meyer, and Macaulay Culkin on the panel. They talked their holiday special, which will air December 7th, and has the fantastic title “Robot Chicken Lots of Holidays But Don’t Worry Christmas is Still in There Too So Pull The Stick Out of Your Ass Fox Ne

They also talked an upcoming DVD release of just Robot Chicken Christmas specials that includes 6 specials, deleted scenes, and commentary, coming out November 18th. [Source: IGN]

Those attending the Archer panel got these, a pack of special, con-exclusive Archer playing cards.

Finally, the entire day concluded with the big one, the Archer panel. The entire cast– H. Jon BenjaminAisha TylerLucky YatesJudy GreerChris ParnellJessica Walter, and Amber Nash– were on the panel, along with creator Adam Reed and producer Matt Thompson. We were treated to a special video message from Sterling Archer and Pam, as they held a yard/garage sale on a boat of all of their Archer Vice clothes and props as they prepared to go back to their regular old secret agent gigs.

Following that, we were then shown the season premiere of the upcoming season 6, coming in January, which was fantastic. If you didn’t like the Archer Vice season, like me (Adam, Matt, and a few others on the panel mentioned the hate for the season, playfully asking those in the room to stand so security could kick them out right away), you’ll most likely really enjoy the premiere. It’s a return to the old secret agent stuff, and it has some really good jokes and some touching moments and Mallory loses her mind a bit. Oh, and there’s a toaster named Milton.

Talking about guests this season, Reed mentioned that Barry will return, so that means the return of Dave WillisFargo‘s Allison Tolman will appear, as will Kumail Nanjiani. Togo Igawa guests in the premiere, and Coby Bell will reprise his role as Conway Stern. Oh, and Ron Cadillac will return.

The panel was great because the cast is fantastic, especially together. Benjamin and Tyler stole the show, with some help from Lucky Yates and Reed. It wasn’t the only one taken over by amazing chemistry between people: Rick & Morty‘s panel was full of great stuff from the cast and especially Roiland and Harmon. The entire panel did a quick improv scene that was hilarious, and Harmon did some impressions of Justin Roiland as well as Rick and Morty, and they were all totally spot-on.

We’re halfway finished with New York Comic Con 2014, unfortunately. But, of course, we’ll make the most of it. The biggest, busiest day is Saturday, and it’ll include a Cartoon Network Halloween screening, including a peek at the upcoming miniseries Over The Garden WallAnother Adult Swim panel block will bring us Black DynamiteThe Heart, She Hollerand Mike Tyson Mysteries. The Adult Swim boat party is tomorrow as well, so if you got your RSVP in for that, have fun (and tell us who the secret musical guest is!).

For those at the con, see you there. For those at home, check back for recaps and news and whatever else we can give you from New York Comic Con 2014.

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