Adult Swim Central Joins Forces with Agents of Geek

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Thirteen years ago this past week, a legacy in comedy was established. Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] brand was launched on September 2nd, 2001 (although a stealth block of programming was aired on December 30th, 2000). Since then, the little Thursday night block made up of original Turner network programming grew and evolved into the comedy juggernaut it is today. From Space Ghost to Rick and Morty, the now weeknight, 8pm – 6am block has garnered the attention of the coveted 18 – 35 year old demographic. Some even call [adult swim] the new MTV (the Music Television version, not whatever it is currently).

Around the same time [adult swim] was formed, I took it upon myself to start a fan site, based on cult Swim favorite, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The aptly named Aqua Teen Central was started (December 30th, 2002), under the premise that we would bring all news, info, and more regarding the series to the fans. Much like the network itself, ATC evolved and grew. After becoming the last site standing, amongst various “competitors” (some good, some awful) and getting the attention of the show’s creators, talent, and more, the site also evolved. Eventually, the need to change to [adult swim] central occurred.

From Aqua Teen to [adult swim], central has thrived as a fan-based news-driven community chock full of news and information. However, amidst all of the written, podcast, and video-related news, central has hit a few speed bumps in recent years. A year or two ago, I decided that I didn’t want to be pigeonholed as “The [adult swim] Guy” and began branching out, starting with what is now ACPN (a podcasting network with a multitude of podcasts from comedy to tech and more). Last year, I began writing for L.A. based GeekNation, who was kind enough to take me on as kind of the New York arm of their site where I covered NY events (as well as some games).

Fast forward to a few months ago, where AoG’s own Jim Napier was kind enough to bring me on to write for this site you see before you. At the same time, central was becoming less and less active, and I had thoughts in the back of my head on how to revitalize the site. Fate it seems, has a way of stepping in… it seems an overseas hacker (for one reason or another) decided to exploit something on the site that caused the server to crash multiple times. My former host was hoping to resolve issues, but ultimately threw his hands up in resignation. The fortunate news is that, prior to that Jim was already courting me to pool central’s news and info into its own section here on AoG. Which was the most logical step to take.

In summary, [adult swim] central (the website) may be gone, but [adult swim] central still lives on. The domain will (hopefully) always point to AoG’s [adult swim] subsection, and all of our [as]central social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) aren’t going anywhere. You’ll also see plenty of the old faces (and hopefully some new, thanks to AoG) here. The Swimcast will also be back (more than likely on, and I’ll still be doing events at Dragon Con, etc. in the name of [adult swim].

So here’s to the new era in evolution of [adult swim] central… dare I say, Agents of Swim?

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