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It’s almost time for that show where they talk about how great other shows are! That’s right. It’s Emmy time. And while you’re all busy posting about how Tatiana Maslany was robbed we’d just like to take a moment to congratulate those current and former [AS] and [CN] cast and crew members who actually got a nomination.

Here are the nominees:

Outstanding Animated Program

FX Networks

Adam Reed, Executive Producer/Writer
Matt Thompson, Executive Producer
Bryan Fordney, Producer/Animation Director
Neal Holman, Producer
Eric Sims, Producer
Casey Willis, Producer

Bob’s Burgers
Loren Bouchard, Executive Producer
Jim Dauterive, Executive Producer
Dan Fybel, Co-Executive Producer
Rich Rinaldi, Co-Executive Producer
Greg Thompson, Co-Executive Producer
Jon Schroeder, Co-Executive Producer
Mark McJimsey, Supervising Producer/Animation Executive Producer
Nora Smith, Supervising Producer
Scott Jacobson, Producer
Joel Kuwahara, Animation Executive Producer
Scott Greenberg, Animation Executive Producer
Janelle Momary-Neely, Animation Producer
Holly Schlesinger, Writer
Brian LoSchiavo, Director
Bernard Derriman, Supervising Director
Randy Ludensky, Animation Timing Supervisor

Comedy Central

Matt Groening, Executive Producer
David X. Cohen, Executive Producer
Ken Keeler, Executive Producer/Written by
Josh Weinstein, Co-Executive Producer
Eric Horsted, Co-Executive Producer
Dan Vebber, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Rowe, Co-Executive Producer
Patric M. Verrone, Co-Executive Producer
Lee Supercinski, Produced by
Claudia Katz, Produced by
Gregg Vanzo, Animation Executive Producer
Scott Vanzo, Director of Computer Graphics
Peter Avanzino, Supervising Director/Directed by
David D. Au, Assistant Director

Adventure Time
Cartoon Network

Pendleton Ward, Executive Producer/Story by
Fred Seibert, Executive Producer
Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer
Jennifer Pelphrey, Executive Producer
Curtis Lelash, Executive Producer
Rob Sorcher, Executive Producer
Adam Muto, Supervising Producer/Story by
Nick Jennings, Supervising Producer
Kevin Kolde, Supervising Producer
Kelly Crews, Producer
Tom Herpich, Written by/Story by
Steve Wolfhard, Written by/Story by
Kent Osborne, Story by
Patrick McHale, Story by
Nate Cash, Supervising Director
Don Judge, Timing Director
Phil Cummings, Sheet Timing
Michel Lyman, Sheet Timing
Helen Roh, Sheet Timing
Bonghui Han, Overseas Director
Regular Show
Cartoon Network

JG Quintel, Executive Producer/Directed by
Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer
Jennifer Pelphrey, Executive Producer
Curtis Lelash, Executive Producer
Rob Sorcher, Executive Producer
Mike Roth, Supervising Producer/Writer
Ryan Slater, Producer
Calvin Wong, Written by
Toby Jones, Written by
Matt Price, Writer
Michele Cavin, Writer
John Infantino, Supervising Director/Writer
Sean Szeles, Supervising Director/Writer
Robert Alvarez, Animation Director
Hwang Gi-Ho, Overseas Director
Robot Chicken
Cartoon Network

Seth Green, Executive Producer/Writer
Matthew Senreich, Executive Producer/Writer
John Harvatine IV, Executive Producer
Eric Towner, Executive Producer
Tom Root, Executive Producer/Head Writer
Doug Goldstein, Executive Producer/Head Writer
Keith Crofford, Executive Producer
Mike Lazzo, Executive Producer
Ollie Green, Producer
Janet Dimon, Supervising Producer
Matthew Beans, Writer
Hugh Davidson, Writer
Mike Fasolo, Writer
Breckin Meyer, Writer
Zeb Wells, Director/Writer

Childrens Hospital
Adult Swim

Rob Corddry, Executive Producer
Jonathan Stern, Executive Producer
David Wain, Executive Producer
Mike Lazzo, Executive Producer
Keith Crofford, Executive Producer
Ken Marino, Co-Executive Producer

Seth MacFarlane
Family Guy

Maurice LaMarche

Seth Green
Robot Chicken

So congratulations to all of the nominees! We’re rooting for you guys.

And also a very special congratulations to Kate Mulgrew for her nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Even though she was actually nominated for her role as Red on Orange is the New Black, she’s still on an [AS] show and I personally just wanted to acknowledge her nomination. (For those who don’t know, she’s Kove on NTSF: SD: SUV)

So there you go. You can watch the Emmys on August 25th to find out the winners of each category. (Although let’s be honest–they usually skip over the animated categories.) You can see other stuff though.

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