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Swim’s website has always been something of an experimental spot. In year’s past we’ve had stuff like premiers for series episodes before they hit TV, webisodes that hoped (but ultimately failed) to bring us new episodes of cancelled Swim programs, shorts from the likes of Dana Snyder and Andy Sipes, even pilots that were pit against each other and then sent to TV for one night… never to be seen or heard from again… and brought to you in part by a random fast food place.

Thankfully, in 2014, we’ve reached a point where shows that make it to series can exist online now. We’ve been hearing rumblings for a while (mainly from creator, JJ Villard who’s been blowing up his own twitter. And rightfully so) that King Star King would be coming to Swim. However we never figured on this: Swim will be releasing all 6 episodes of the series to on June 15th (FYI: That’s also the same night that Superjail’s new season starts up)!

For those of you who have yet to see the pilot for “King Star King.” Here… we’ll give you a few minutes:

So now that you’ve watched the pilot, you have an idea of how crazy the rest of the show will be. There’s currently a poll on asking if you’d rather binge watch the entire series at once, or get each episode a day for the week. Personally, I think each ep should come out a week… daily/at once may be too much to handle.

At any rate, King Star King WILL make its debut online starting June 15th. Check it when it comes out!

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