Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law (Volume 2) – DVD REVIEW

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America’s favorite superhero turned lawyer returns in this 2 disc DVD collection released by [adult swim] and Warner Bros. Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Volume 2 features Harvey, Phil, Peter, and the rest of the Sebben and Sebben law firm as hilarious hijinks ensue.

The Set

The DVD set contains 2 discs chock full of hilarious episodes such as Blackwatch Plaid, X Gets The Crest, Gone Efficient, and the debut of Birdgirl and the Birdteam. Undoubtedly, this second volume hosts a slew of episodes which made characters like Phil Ken Sebben, Peanut, and Peter Potamus stand out over the rest. That and the driving star power of stars such as Gary Cole (Office Space, The Brady Bunch,) Stephen Colbert (Strangers With Candy, The Colbert Report,) Peter MacNicol (Ally McBeal, Dragonslayer,) and Paget Brewster (Andy Richter Controls The Universe) one of the more ideal DVD sets for any [adult swim] fan to buy.

The Content

Disc 1

Disc 1 Contains many of the classic eps you’ve come to love:

Back to the Present: Harvey (Cole) helps out the First Family of the Future: The Jetsons

Blackwatch Plaid: An obvious spoof on America’s color-coded Terror Alert System. As orchestrated by Phil (Colbert)

Grape Juiced: where Harvey defends a rather roided-up version of Hanna Barbera’s classic Grape Ape.

Peanut Puberty: Peanut finally matures and learns about his super-powers… in a rather unusual way.

Gone Efficient: In a way to cut costs to the firm, Phil hires Dvd (David, but shorter to save time) to “help” Harvey save time.

Droopy Botox: Hilarity ensues after Harvey wins a case for a company that specializes in plastic surgery.

Guitar Control: Phil runs for office while Harvey defends
a Chuck Heston-inspired Quick Draw McGraw.

Booty Noir: Reducto’s (Colbert) fetish for large round posteriors knows no bounds.

This disc also contains a bit of easter egg goodness in regards to Peanut Puberty.

Disc 2

Disc 2 gives us four more yummy episodes:

X Gets The Crest: X the Eliminator (MacNicol) after winning a poker game, finally manages to get Harvey’s crest of power.

Birdgirl of Guantanamole: Phil’s daughter Judy (Brewster) after meeting Harvey, takes on the new persona of Birdgirl.

Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs: Harvey and Peter Potamus find an ancient world through a hottub.

Evolutionary War: Harvey defends Captain Caveman (and Son) and the theory of evolution.

The lack of episodes on this disc make for a seriously jam-packed lineup of goodies such as:

Naked Scene: A rather naughty version of the Birdgirl episode. Not for the little children.

Record of Records: A look at the actors behind the voices.

Birdman Stripper: Just what it sounds like. Only worse.

CGI Clip: A CGI to Final comparison of the ballroom scene in Evolutionary War

Harvey Promos: Just what it sounds like. Only better.

Bluetube Moments: Watch the sound editors mess around.

Deleted Scenes: From X Gets The Crest

Also noteworth: Both discs include episode commentary from Gary Cole, Stephen Colbert, and many other stars of the show.

Final Analysis:

So there you have it: Superheroes, Lawyers, Girls, Cookies on Dowels…. you couldn’t ask for more from the man in the suit. In my honest opinion, the set is even better than Volume 1. Let me put it this way: If you don’t like lawyer shows, if you hate dramas, but you would love nothing more than to die laughing… I highly recommend you go to your nearest DVD purchasing vendor and throwing it up on your collector’s shelf (preferably between some golden bird bookends)

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