Greetings once again from Hotlanta. Well, Dragon*Con Day 1 is officially done with. Much fun was to be had by all. I will have a full report… on next week’s ep of The Swimcast

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the beginning of a new trend in [ adult swim] Central:

ASC Fantable at Dragon*Con 2009. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you are at Dragon*Con 2008 currently, here are some of the festivities going on tomorrow:

ATHFSquidbillies Panel @ 11:30am at the Hyatt*
Followed by Autograph session (more than likely announced following the panel)

Venture Brothers Panel @ 2:30pm at the Hyatt*
Followed by Autograph session with Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, and Dana Snyder at the People’s Republic of Venture Booth.

Venture Brothers Costume Photo-Op — If you’re wearing a VB costume at the Con, bring it to the Hyatt Baker room at 4:45pm

Venture Brothers Fan Panel @ 5:30 in the Hyatt Baker Room… co-hosted by your’s truly. 🙂

— Stay Tuned for Sunday’s schedule —

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