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Update About The Greatest Event in Television History

Anybody following Adam Scott (@mradamscott) on Twitter might have seen this picture he tweeted recently about The Greatest Event in TV History on [Adult Swim].

This led to speculation on my part about what exactly The Greatest Event in Television History was. While we still have no official answer, Entertainment Weekly published a fantastic news blurt and picture of Jon Hamm and Adam Scott in green suits as shown below.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

This still hasn’t answered a whole lot of questions but it has confirmed a few things:

One, the special is actually called The Greatest Event in Television History.

Two, it’s directed by Lance Bangs the executive producer of Loiter Squad.

And three, Jon Hamm and Adam Scott look good in green suits. I mean, wait. No. That’s not where we’re going with this. The special premieres October 11th on Adult Swim.

So the question is, are you going to tune in to find out what exactly is The Greatest Event in Television History?

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16 comments on “Update About The Greatest Event in Television History

  1. Chris

    Eh, seems like they’ll let anything on [adult swim] nowadays…I say this as I turn it from “Tim and Eric awesome show, great job” -_-

    • Quadra

      I would have to be comatose to watch “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job”, and who should be fired for the resurrection of “Super Jail” and every show like them. Are “Robot Chicken” and “Metalocalypse” truly the only good shows on this channel? If not for them and reuns of Family Guy (et al.), I would have NOTHING to do with AS. Sorry AS, that is M.O.

  2. Dan

    More of their lame live action stuff, I’d rather watch the robot chicken repeat currently scheduled for that time slot.

  3. theycallmestray

    What the hell is up with these comments? There’s nothing to even judge yet but people are already shitting on it? If you’re resigned to hate things that’s nobody’s fault but your own.

    • Yeah, I’m honestly not sure what’s up with some of these comments or the beef people have with Live-Action. I mean [adult swim] is its own network, and if you think about it they’ve always had live-action thrown into some of their shows (Space Ghost Coast to Coast has live action guests.)

      My advice would be to ignore the comments and hop onto the forums.

  4. Turtleey

    I’ve got a strange feeling that 30 seconds into the premiere, they’ll have “technical difficulties” and the rest of the show will be “dead air” or random intercepted signal-shit. Why else would they hype it so much?

    • sentroid91

      I wouldn’t put it past ‘em. Remember when they were set to premier Squidbillies and we got Perfect Hair Forever?

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