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The Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Guest List Gets Longer (UPDATE: Also, a Date)

Yesterday, our own Nikki let you know about the slate of upcoming Bob’s Burgers guests for season 3. Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, Nick Offerman, and Aziz Ansari were amongst the 15 guests stopping by the restaurant in the upcoming episodes. Today, BuzzFeed has a whole new slate of guests for the season!

According to the article’s author, BuzzFeed’s article “15 Reasons to Watch Bob’s Burgers This Fall” garnered attention from a Bob’s writer, who shot him a message thanking him and giving him a bunch of other voices coming to the show, and returning in the upcoming season. Let’s run through it, shall we?

  • Ben Schwartz will be a love interest for Tina.
  • Matt Besser will play an amateur kite pilot.
  • Jenny Slate will reprise the role of Tammy.
  • Tim Meadows will play Mike the Mailman.
  • Tom Lennon will reprise his role as Chuck, the TV host.
  • Samantha Bee will reprise her role as Chuck’s co-host.
  • Rob Heubel will be back.
  • Sarah Silverman and her sister Laura.
  • Andy Kindler will, of course, continue to be Mort.
  • Bill Hader will be back as Mickey.
  • Doug Benson will be on in a role described by BuzzFeed as “a character not to be described because it would cause major spoilers for the show.” Interesting!
  • Sam Seder will be back as Hugo and others.
  • Neil Flynn will be on as a character named Mike Flush.
  • Jack McBrayer will reprise his role as Zeke’s older cousin, Leslie.
  • And finally, Bobby Tisdale will reprise his role as Zeke (who, according to BuzzFeed, will be on a lot this season).

How’s that for a guest cast? Combined with the other list of all-new guests? There’s some awesome characters coming back. This season’s gonna be good.

If you wanna take a look at the list announced yesterday, here’s our article.
And if you want to take a closer look at this list, here’s BuzzFeed’s exclusive announcement list. A thanks to them for the info!

By the way: if you wanna chat about Bob’s Burgers, hit up our new forums! They’re great.

Update: Bento Box Entertainment says Bob’s Burgers returns Sunday, September 30th at 8:30PM EST/PST! Yeah!

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